Welcome to the home of creative works of Kaki Olsen. Here you can find easy links to everything I’ve published, titles I recommend, and books I’ve edited. It’s also your most reliable source for upcoming projects, appearance announcements, publishing news, and behind-the-scenes tidbits.

In case you’re wondering about the “creative” part, I’ll also begin providing links to purchase things that are perhaps less prone to being formatted into a paragraph. This will include, for instance, music compositions and arrangements.

I have published humor, fantasy, science-fiction, romance, and non-fiction. Whatever your choice of genre, I may have something for you to read or something you’ll be seeing in the future. But my pledge is that I’ll never publish something I’d be embarrassed to have someone from church read.


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Fiction Feature: Swan and Shadow: A Swan Lake Story

I have several manuscripts in the works or on their way to publication, but this is my debut novel with Cedar Fort. It’s the story of a swan maiden looking for the man who will love her enough to break a family curse, but rather than sorcerers and evil twins, it’s 21st Century life that gets in the way. It has been enjoyed by readers young and old alike and is a fairy tale like nothing you’ve ever seen.

Anthology Feature: Iron Doves: A Charity Anthology

All stories in this anthology include marginalized characters and all proceeds go to domestic violence prevention. For my part, Just One Shot is the story of a time-traveling android who has a daring plot to save a human colony. All she needs is a dragon egg and a chance to explain.

Non-Fiction Feature: Get Your Book Published.: 10 Authors. 10 True Stories. 10 Ways to Get Your Book Published.

I mentioned non-fiction and have combined my anthology and solo projects into one with my essay in this publication by Authors Publish magazine. There are stories from people who have had dozens of publications or decades of experience, but I was asked to write about the process of getting my first book published when my editor hated the ending.

A Promise

Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I am deeply opinionated and can argue with friends and foes alike on anything from immigration reform to disability representation in literature. This is not the place to find me being contentious. I hope you enjoy finding a few new things to read, a few new worlds to imagine, and a kindred spirit here.