In the Eyes of the Lore: Friendship to Frisson with Jenny Flake Rabe

I’ve known Jenny for a number of years, as she is the brains behind the wonderful LDS Beta Readers community. I got to know her better, though, when editing both for anthologies and her book, Playground Treasures.

When I found out she was releasing a fake engagement book set in my home state of Massachusetts, I told her I’d love to read it, but I warned that I had yet to read a book using that trope that didn’t exasperate me. Because I had faith in her, I asked her to be prepared to guest-feature on this site if I liked it.

This is how we’ve come to today’s video, as I contacted her immediately after finishing Something Old and asked her to talk about the ways in which she created a believable relationship growing from friendship to something much more potent. I’ll be posting my review of the book itself later this weekend, as my draft apparently didn’t save or publish when I tried and I need to re-write it.

Jenny’s Amazon page
Jenny’s Facebook Page

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