Love my life; hate my schedule.

Last year, I was having a conversation with a supervisor at my volunteer work. Every summer, the influx of tourists tends to double or even triple. We all work harder and they asked us to sign up for extra shifts. I was told that I had to come in for these extra shifts on my days off.

“There’s a problem with that,” I said.

“Everyone else is able to come a couple of days extra.”

“I work 6 days a week. I can come in on my one day off if I skip church.”

This is a pretty good summary of why it’s been a while since I have had a normal schedule. I’ve been sporadically updating my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., but after a long battle with GoDaddy, they still wanted me to buy my old domain name while claiming I couldn’t because I’d already paid for it and while telling me that I couldn’t own that domain name because it was already sold to someone else.

So, here we are. New site, same creator. I’ve been quite busy, and not just with 6 days of work per week.

13 months ago, I responded to a call for arts reviewers. I figured it would be fun to write opinions of shows in exchange for free tickets. Because the CEO of this organization rewards good work, I found myself asked to be an editor a couple of months later. Five months in, she asked me to be on the board of directors. My reviews usually take me to theaters, concert halls, and such within easy driving distance, but I’ve had fun seeing Wicked in Idaho and have tickets to two shows at Utah Shakespearean Festival on the 4th of July.

I even dressed for the occasion in Boise.

Last year, as part of my efforts to get healthy, I decided I wanted to run three 5Ks. I made it on July 24, July 31, and Thanksgiving. This year’s goal is to do two 5Ks (July 24 and September 6) and my first 10K.

I finished the 5K trainer on Thursday of this week, then kicked off my 5K to 10K training app this morning before I left for my shift on Temple Square.

Meanwhile, my life seems to be lived between plane tickets. Friends invited me to come to Disneyland with them three weeks before I traveled to Oakland, California for a weekend. I still need to buy my tickets to visit my best friend in September, but my roommate insists that we are going to book our cruise for Thanksgiving sometime soon.

After all of that, I still have to eat, do housework, commute, sleep, etc. And I try to have a social life.

But this is the long story of why I will be a lot more productive come August 16, when I only have 4 days a week of work. My goal for July is to write at least 2 hours per week and to start querying again.

But first, I will probably sleep for a few days straight.

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