Something New and Different for Us

So, I’ve been binge-enjoying some wonderful literary podcasts and Youtube channels, ranging from unsolved murders to the spiritual aspects of Harry Potter (I’m not joking. They’re theology school graduates and incredible) . To be honest, I’d love to be a podcaster, but I’m not there with confidence or equipment. What I am very good at is extracting valuable lessons while standing on the shoulders of giants.

So, what’s this new project? Twice a month (or thrice if there are five Sundays). I will be doing a feature on a book or movie. This is not a review. Yes, I’ll have things to say about the works, but I will pick a topic for each tutorial and pick one or more books that taught me valuable lessons a bout creative works. Some Patreon members will have the access to commission upcoming tutorials and I promise to stick to this schedule unless I am physically incapable of doing so, in which case, I’ll explain the reason and the schedule (e.g. I’ve got pneumonia and will post this on Wednesday instead.) If I get enough Patreon support, I will be turning this into a podcast and doing some live discussions with authors a s well as discussions with my community.

Katey came up with the first topic because she’s awesome like that, so next Sunday (which is also my first Sunday after my service mission ends), I will be kicking things off with a discussion of how Brandon Sanderson’s Steelheart changed my perspective on how to create settings.

Steelheart link

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