Summer Update: Well, that didn’t last long.

I tried to do my goals. I really did. But you can tell I got busy. I know that’s a lame excuse, but as the dog days wear on, I’ll give you some updates.

Goals of the body have been going great. Last year, I ran the Temple to Temple 5K in 39:18, beating my previous time by 12 minutes. This year, I wanted to break 37 minutes. I crossed the finish line at 35:38. I’ve been running, but the Wonder Woman race I had as a goal has been canceled by the event coordinators. But if I continue my running habit, I will reward myself as planned.

For goals of the mind, I’ve been pretty good about writing three times a week. But I’ve also taken time for fanfiction, since my collaboration with three friends has been revived at last. My big shortcoming is two blog posts a week. I also need to get back on track with Old English. I haven’t done any editing.

For my last goals, I haven’t memorized verses or gone on dates with myself, but I’m meeting new people and writing encouraging letters.

Meanwhile, I’ve discovered that I needed to change POV on my work-in-progress, started sketching out an exciting short story I hope to get into an anthology on movie monsters, and done a lot of work for Front Row Reviewers. I’ve got ten days left until I’m done with my service mission and under a month until I land in Boston for vacation. I’m about to hit 100 days before I fly to Europe.

So I’m keeping busy. Long story short.

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