The News of Days to Come

No, this isn’t a major announcement. It’s more an update of business hours. On Thursday, with 36 days left until I finish at Temple Square, I talked to the assistant department head and said “As of September 3, I won’t have things to do on Fridays and Saturdays.” (I finish on August 16, but I’m not going back to a normal schedule for a few weeks so I can sleep a lot and go to Boston more easily.) Within 10 minutes, we worked out that I’ll now be coming in 7-3 Monday-Friday. I could work later in the day and have something like a 9-5 job, but I rather like having the office sparsely populated for the first hour of work and getting off earlier in the day.

I’ve decided that since I’ll now have an hour and a half with no one in the apartment after work, I’m going to spend an hour making music when I get home. Once a week, I hope to have an appointment with a therapist because in case you’re new to my brain, I have some significant things to work through. When I need to go to a chiropractor, I won’t have to wait until the next day that one of my buildings is closed. I can even hog the kitchen for a while until my roommate gets home. (She makes astounding types of food because baking is her stress-relief. I haven’t had much time for things that take more than a few minutes to make.)

But before all of that, I’m going to do the following. I’m going to have one last nice dinner at the Garden, where I often stop before or after work. I’m going to spend all day that first Saturday doing absolutely nothing unless I feel like getting out. I’m going to buy some high-heeled shoes now that I don’t have to worry about how frequently I walk holes in my soles. I already bought a pair of shorts because my new schedule lets me come in on casual Friday. (I didn’t realize until trying them on that my GOSH, I have really pasty legs.) I’ve already let a friend who loves hiking know that I would love to take her up on the invitations she extends to leave for a hike on a Saturday afternoon and not get back until dark. I intend to take my laptop into the backyard and get writing done while the weather is still good.

And, of course, I’m going to go to my neighborhood bookstore in late afternoon instead of stopping in for five minutes just before it closes. The owner likes me as I’ve known her for a while, but I think she’ll like me now that I have time to come in and really make a dent in her sci-fi and history sections.

Don’t mistake me. I’m going to really miss working as a service missionary, but this is like when I got home from being a missionary in California. When that happened, my brother picked me up from the airport and took me to our favorite Mexican place as soon as I’d finished my meeting. I spent the next day reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and watching Attack of the Clones. This is an end, but it’s a path to a lot of next steps and I’m excited for that.

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